BOREAS loading Wind Turbine Blades

28th October 2018

On the 10th of August 2018, the MV Boreas set sail from Taranto, transporting 30 Wind Turbine blades. Having already loaded steel cargo in holds one and two in Livorno, the Boreas only had sufficient deck space to load 27 windmill blades, meaning substantial modifications had to be made in order to successfully transport all 30.

This was achieved by increasing the vessel's beam by securing five tween deck pontoons on the weather deck in off centre position, allowing an extra three blades to be loaded.

This was no easy feat. Extensive lashing and securing works were required for these modifications, as can be seen in the photos below. A total of 10 stanchions, 127 stopper and 181 d-rings had to be installed in order to complete this task.

The 30 blades arrived safe and sound at their destination, San Diego, on the 15th of September, and the Boreas continued on to Guayaquil to discharge the remaining steel cargo.

Below are a couple of photos showing the preparations prior to and during loading. The aerial photos and videos were taken on Cristobal Roads while the vessel was waiting for her canal transit.


Preparing the Boreas for loading in Taranto.


Each tween deck extents 0,.75 meters over the side in order to make room for the additional blades.


Stanchions are installed on the starboard side to support the four protruding tween decks 


The tween deck covers are secured by lashing chains to prevent transverse shifting. 


In addition, stoppers are installed to prevent longitudinal movement.


The Blades are loaded three high. The tween decks have the additional function to of spreading the weight on the hatch covers.


Cargo operations…


…in progress…


…and nearing completion


Aerial pictures…


…taken at Cristobal Roads…


…prior to the canal transit